Designed for the ambitious woman
Meet like-minded women and build connections.
Make friends and have fun with other inspiring women
Take part in skills-based workshops & further your knowledge.


Dedicated in supporting women on their paths to success

Hello and welcome to LUIS (Ladies United in Success),

LUIS is a network designed to support, inspire and empower professional women working in various industries as well as budding entrepreneurs and creatives across the UK.

Originating in London, members of the LUIS network span across a variety of industries including fashion, technology, marketing/advertising, beauty, entertainment and finance.

We are here to celebrate success and encourage our members through inspirational talks, skills-based training workshops, mentoring opportunities and fun social events.

Being a member of LUIS is effectively joining a community of supportive and ambitious women, who aspire to learn more, engage more and build connections. Come along and join us!

  • “This is a fantastic opportunity to meet new ladies and form relationships with like-minded women, there’s nothing better than having a team of powerful females around you!”

    Anneliese SolanoRecruitment Consultant, London
  • “Although I am happy within the industry I work in, I have always had a passion for digital advertising, this sounds like a unique opportunity to learn new skills in the workshop as well as meet professionals from that arena and build my connections for potential opportunities.”

    Lolade SondePersonal Banker, London


So what can you expect as a Member?

In order to participate in any of the LUIS events, you must be a Member. We strongly believe there’s power and strength in numbers when it comes to females, therefore the more women who join the initiative, the better!
At the moment, membership is 100% free. Read more about the exciting features below:

“Listen and Learn” sessions

Once you sign up, you will be personally invited to “Listen & Learn” sessions. Within this meet-up amongst members, we will be fortunate enough to hear from a panel of inspirational speakers discussing various topics surrounding business, lifestyle, their journey and achieving success.

There will be opportunities to ask lots of questions during the talks as well as the chance to network over drinks and delightful nibbles.

Giveaways & Goodie bags

Expect to obtain lots of freebies at our events, as an added bonus of being a member.

The gifts will be aimed at your development and enjoyment including book vouchers, spa trips, and exclusive retreats and many more!


Calling all entrepreneurs…LUIS Mentoring is designed for those amongst the group who need extra support in their business ventures. Mentoring is a truly special way to gain first-hand knowledge and advice from those who have successfully done it before you.

There will be a select group of mentors presented to you each month from a range of different industries.

Training Workshops

Training workshops will run every month where you will have the opportunity to enhance your practical skills and knowledge in a range of specialist areas. The workshops are open to all members.

Workshops in the pipeline include:

  • How to build a Website
  • Language Courses
  • Becoming a Microsoft Office Expert
  • Digital Marketing Techniques

Submit blog posts

For the bloggers, journalists or simply writing enthusiasts amongst us, the LUIS network is an amazing platform to spread an informative message and gain recognition for it.

If you have an insightful message you want to spread across to the network, you can do this via the blog. Once you have written one, it will then be reviewed and following approval will be submitted publicly on the company website.


One of the most important elements of being a part of the LUIS network is having fun! LUIS will throw a range of events that will be simply aimed for our members to have a laugh, get to know one another, and form bonds in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.


Become a member

In order to be a member of the LUIS network, please fill out the form below and await confirmation via email. Membership is completely FREE of cost!
Following signing up, we will keep regular contact with you and inform you when events are occurring ahead of time, as well as keep you posted on any updates along the way.
We are excited to start our journey with you!

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Become a Speaker/Mentor/Trainer

If you are knowledgeable & confident within your field, and would like an opportunity to share your story, we would love to hear from you and explain to you how you can speak at a Listen & Learn event.

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